How to Stay Gold

Stay Gold Karaoke

Karaoke in a van...

We drive. You sing.

It's a golden joy machine.

    For $300 an hour, the Stay Gold Karaoke experience includes...

    • A karaoke van that holds up to 9 people while driving (unlimited when parked).
    • A spot for all your favorite beverages (it's BYOB)
    • A user controlled- easy to navagate song selection system with over 20,000 songs! 
    • A joyful time!

    All you have to do is...

    • E-mail, text or call us to inquire about a booking 
    • 773.333.6745 

    Stay Gold Karaoke will meet you anywhere in the LA area (with enough room to park a 20 foot van) and for any occasion! Birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries are always a reason to party, and here are some others...

    Wrap parties.

    Tuesday night Whitney session.

    Impressing a new client.

    Impressing a new crush.

    Book Club.


    Hanging out on a Saturday. 

    Brewery Karaoke. 

    Inducing Labor.