A one-of-a-kind mobile karaoke room. The Gold Karaoke Room is on a mission to spread joy through celebrating and singing music all throughout Los Angeles. Book us to come and add the joy for any age and any occasion.

The Gold Karaoke Room FAQs

  1. Does the Van drive around?

    Currently we only do parked events, no driving.

  2. Is it loud?

    The van is insulated to keep the all sound inside. With the doors closed, the sound is barley audible outside. We can park anywhere without disturbing neighbors!

  3. Is there an MC?

    We call our drivers/MCs “joy facilitators”. A GKR team member is always present to make sure people are safe and having a good time. Depending on the group, we will either run the system, or pass it off to you!

  4. What is the song selection?

    We use a system called Karafun. We have over 20,000 songs downloaded on our user friendly iPad.

  5. What is pricing?

    Contact us, tell us about your event and date, and we will get back to you with availability and pricing information. hello@thegoldkaraokeroom.com.