TGKR Story

Kelsey has always loved the feeling of singing a great song. It started at 5 years old singing along to an Amy Grant tape in Maggie Boor’s bedroom. In 7th grade it was group performances of Dixie Chicks songs at sleepovers. In high school, she discovered the pure bliss of belting a ballad in the car. When she participated in her first karaoke competition on a Royal Caribbean Cruise at 17, she was hooked.

No matter her age, location or amount of her paycheck, Kelsey has found the joy of singing to be a great life companion.

The idea of mobile karaoke crept into Kelsey’s dreams as she moved to LA. What if you could karaoke…anywhere? During the day. At the vineyard. In your front yard. When the idea wouldn’t leave her she wrote the business plan, bought and transformed the van , and started a movement to bring karaoke to the people.

The Gold Karaoke Room came into this world in September of 2017. It is here to share the joy that happens when you sing (this has been proven). Experience it for yourself, contact us for a booking.